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The Last AlchemistThe Last Alchemist. Alchemy is definitely a significant philosophical tradition whose followers have, ever since ancient times claimed it to be the precursor to great powers. Alchemists were more like scientists they actually contributed to the development of the science but they had some specific challenges, that is for sure. For example creating fabled philosopher’s stone; altering base metals into the noble metals (gold or silver) or developing an elixir of life, which would grant youth and longevity, those are the aims of the alchemists many years ago.

There is a bit of science but also mythology, magic, religion, and spirituality and perhaps that is the reason why there aren’t any alchemists today, or why their number becomes smaller. Actually Mister Roger is known in public as the last alchemist of today.

He is really into those things and he is always reading something about alchemy and magic and so. One day Roger, walking around followed by his aspirations as always, incidentally discovers a cave with a map and a record for a group of alchemists that has succeed to create gold out of a regular metal, 100 years ago. That sounds like something very interesting; maybe this would be his greatest achievement as a modern alchemist. Roger is determined to discover their laboratory that according to the map, is located somewhere deep in the jungle. Let’s help the last alchemist discover if this laboratory really existed and perhaps we will also take part in discovering something really big and important.