The Land of Stories Game

The Land of Stories The Land of Stories Game: We all know brothers Grimm. They are probably responsible for development of our fantasy and imagination. Assuming that they are responsible for most of the stories we have heard when we were very young and the stories that we tell to our children. And even though they may not be writers of all those stories. They are known like that but actually they were also collectors of stories. They actually wrote down the stories that existed long before those two men were even born in Germany in the mid 1780s.

The fairy tales, as a matter of fact, were part of a rich oral tradition. Passed down from generation to generation, frequently by women seeking to pass the time during household chores. On the contrary, as industrialization took root, local traditions altered and scholars, like Jacob and Wilhelm, started a mission to save the stories from extinction. However, in The Land of Stories Game we will meet Greta Grimm who is actually a granddaughter of the famous Grimm brothers.

She has other very interesting explanation about the fairy tales. She confirms that her grandfathers have written down the most beautiful fairy tales in the world. But only she knows their secret. And this secret is something that probably every one of us has thought about it before. What if the characters of those stories were real people?! As Greta explains, no one knows that those characters are real and they exist in so called land of the fairy tales. Greta likes to take us on a journey I this amazing land and meet all those interesting characters in live. So enjoy and have fun in playing The Land of Stories Game.

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