The Land of Kings Game

The Land of Kings The Land of Kings. Meet Merida. She is a young American girl who whole her life lives in America but actually she has her roots coming from and old Scottish family. Actually her family is one of the oldest Scottish families. A family with a great tradition which means that there are numerous interesting things related to its history and origins. Actually the history of the village where Merida’s family lived is closely related to her family.

After so many years, Merida is in her family’s village for the first time. She has always heard carefully the stories of her grandfather about the family. He told her about the greatest kings that lived in the huge castles that are still present in the village. Once Merida came into this village, she felt as she was already there sometimes before. She felt really lively that she has the old Scottish blood pulsing in her veins. Even though she has never been to Scotland before. Merida feels as she belongs here, as she was witness of everything that was happening before, every battle and every challenge of her distant relatives…

She didn’t felt that combative before… and it is true that this feeling has left her quite surprised. Merida is quite excited so she starts exploring the place right away. Being very curious to learn something more about her ancient predecessors. Enjoy and have fun in playing this game.

The Land of Kings is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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