The Labyrinth of Versaille

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The Labyrinth of VersailleThe Labyrinth of Versaille. Versaille is the main reason why Miss Martha decided to pack her suitcase and travel all the way to France for the first time in her life. She has studied a lot about the country, the language, its history and culture and she is extremely happy that she has to finally visit the Palace of Versaille. As a big fan of the French culture she has done a lot of research about the life in the Palace, even more in the time of Louis XIV.

The Duke of Saint-Simon, who kept the memorials of Versailles, wrote of Louis XIV: \”With an almanac and a watch, you could be three hundred leagues from here and say what he was doing\”. The King’s day was timed down to the last minute. But Martha is particularly interested in his secret affair with Maria Mancini. She was his first love. She was niece of Cardinal Mazarin. Maria was good educated and made Louis to be interested in literature. Louis felt in love with her and they were several years together until he had to marry Marie-Therese of Austria.

Martha wants to visit the places near the famous labyrinth where the two used to meet. The Labyrinth of Versailles was located just west of the Orangery in the southern part of the gardens. Difficult to maintain, the Labyrinth was neglected in the eighteenth century and finally destroyed in 1774. Only fragments of the fountains have survived. Let`s accompany Martha and find more about the famous labyrinth.

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