The King’s Ring Game

The King's Ring The King’s Ring. King Alphons was a king that lived in a very big and powerful kingdom. He was wide known for his courage and the way he ruled the kingdom, fair and disciplined, so he never let his citizens become unsatisfied of anything. He also had very good relations with the neighboring kingdoms, staying away from wars and not needed conflicts which made him also known for his generosity and great personality.

That’s why it was very strange when his ring disappeared. He knew that he didn’t lost his ring since he was keeping it always on his hand or in one particular place that only he and his servants knew about, and the chance someone to get there was also very small, but everything leaded to the point that the ring was stolen… too much mysteries about that ring.

The information about the precious ring spread fast through the kingdom and soon the big search started. The king also doubted that it is about a thief that has stolen the ring but he also believed that his citizens are fair as he is.

You could also take part in this quest helping the king find his ring. Manage to find all hidden objects in each level and move from one level to another, until you complete the whole game and solve the great mystery about the king’s ring.

The King’s Ring is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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