The Journey of Solaris Game

The Journey of SolarisThe Journey of Solaris. There are some rumors that people in future will go on holidays out of space and supposedly there is a list of the celebrities that have already arranged a place for a holiday on the moon, and again supposedly, some of them have already bought their own piece of land on Mars, or some other planets. This is a fantasy for us by now. We could hear things like this but we are still very, very far from going on a holiday out of space, but since we know how complicated that is, flying out of space is not something usual people dream of. On other hand, flying out of space is a profession of the astronauts.

There are developed spaceships that fly incredibly fast in which the astronautics spend their time while they are far from our planet. Solaris is one of those spaceships that has been launched in a new mission, to discover new planets and possible civilizations. But while taking off, many of the objects have been flown on all sides, so there is a real mess in the spaceship. Lets find those objects and help the astronauts do their job properly, without the mess that could bother them.

The Journey of Solaris is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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