The Italian Bazaar Game

The Italian Bazaar The Italian Bazaar. Rose is an American lady and her family has an Italian origin. She decides to visit the country of her ancestors and to find out as much as possible concerning her bloodline. Her great grandfather Luciano came to Chicago a century ago. She finds out that her family was into a merchandize trade and that they sold their products at the Old bazaar. She arrives at the old bazaar in the small town Ravenna and she is fascinated of the authenticity and tradition that this market has saved.

Rose notices a lot of interesting things that are offered on the booths. And when you come from one of the newest countries in the world, having the chance to touch and even buy such old and precious objects is simply more than an occasion. Even some faraway relatives still were selling on the Old bazaar. You can imagine she bought herself another suitcase to go back to Chicago.

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