The Island of Memories Game

The Island of Memories The Island of Memories. Many times kids get in their minds strange ideas, or we don’t have to say strange but they are at least surprising. We have all probably noticed or experienced by ourselves that children often like to hide things. That is not something bad, they simply like to feel like they have something that belongs to them, that is their ownership. Usually they hide their objects in a box and keep that box on a safe place – in the house of wood, in the weekend house, in some hole in the home… While Steven has found a really unusual place for hiding his objects.

Before exactly 30 years, when Steven was still a child, he was on a unforgettable holiday with his parents in one amazing exotic island. That place was really special; Steven hasn’t seen something like that in his whole life so he thought about the place all those years but it wasn’t just the place. When he was there 30 years ago, Steven has buried a box full with his personal stuff, things that were valuable for him in that time like pictures of famous athletes, small car, baseball and so on.

Now Steven comes back on this island with one little bit difficult aim – to find the buried box and remember those days spent on the island, together with his parents. The challenge is big since he could not predict if everything is same there as it is in his memories…

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