The Island of Dragons Game

The Island of Dragons The Island of Dragons. You have probably heard a lot of things about the dragons, those legendary creatures that are typically described with serpentine or reptilian traits and are part of the myths of many cultures. A dragon is actually a mythological representation of a reptile, in modern times drawn with a body like a huge lizard, or a snake with two pairs of lizard-type legs and bat-like wings growing from its back. The most famous feature about those huge creatures is probably their ability to emit fire from their mouths.

And yes, the dragon stays still just a part of the mythology since until now there isn’t anyone that could talk about its witnessing of dragon’s appearance; it’s just those tales… But there are legends that stay legends while some legends become truth… A legend of this kind is the Island of Dragons. This is quite famous place where people come often to see the wonderful nature and the beautiful beaches, but almost no one knows that there are still live dragons on this island that are hidden deep into the caves… Yes, that is the incredible truth hidden on this island that has always been an attraction but no one knew the real meaning of the place.

Now we are taking you on a journey through the island but not to see the beaches but the dragons. You heard well, the dragons, so you better prepare for this incredible adventure because you will see something that can’t be seen somewhere else. Let the legends become truth!

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