The Invisible Village Game

The Invisible Village The Invisible Village. In movies, in theaters, in horror scenes usually things disappear, people disappear. But, have you heard for a whole village to disapear? It is weird, we know, but sometimes in stories, it happens so. We give you this challenge to deal with a disappeared village today. You ask yourself how it is possible at all?

Imagine you are mystery hunter person who loves to look for missing things and for people. How would it be that a village shows in and off from time to time. How would you react if you were citizen of such a village? At one moment you are flash and blood and in next, pooh, you are gone. That would be real fun, don’t you think so?

Ashley and Paul are mystery hunters together with their friends. They have found out about a village that is situated north in the country. According to the witnesses, the whole village appears and disappears twice a year. Local people name it the invisible village. Ashley and Paul begin the investigation, wanting to find out why exactly this village is invisible at all.

The Invisible Village is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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