The Inheritance Game

The Inheritance The Inheritance. Carl loved his grandfather so much. They had a very nice relationship but the grandfather has suddenly passed away which made Carl really sad. However, few days ago, Carl received a letter few days ago from his grandfather’s lawyer in which it was announced that Carl’s grandfather left his house as a heritage to Carl. Even though grandfather’s death is something really sad, the news about the house made him quite happy because he always loved that place and enjoyed the stay there. The house is completely authentic because his grandfather actually built it with his own hands, according to his own needs and he never wanted to sell it.

However, the house where Carl’s grandfather lives is not that new and it needs to be renovated but Carl feels a certain responsibility to keep the unique look of the house. He has made a plan how to renovate the house and first thing he should do is finding his grandfather’s personal stuff and putting them on a safe place while the house is renovating. It seems like an easy job but again, the house has to keep its authenticity and missing something will definitely ruin the whole impression and the general look.

That’s why it would be best if we could also take part in this process and help Carl finish his task as good as he can. Have in mind that this house means a lot to him so it would be best if nothing misses in the end.

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