The House of Secrets Game

The House of Secrets The House of Secrets. One of the things that almost everyone of use has even thought about is getting an inheritance from some very distant relative that has passed away and since he didn’t have anyone closer, he leave everything to us! What a great thing! The bad thing is that someone has dies by we didn’t know that person and we all know the positive side, even more positive if the heritage is a great sum of money!

Fortunately our friend Tyler had that luck. It was a regular day like all other days, without any assumes that something strange could happen, when he received a strange ‘gift’. He discovered that he got a heritage from his late grandfather – the house where he lived. Young Tyler doesn’t know anything about his grandfather. When he was very, very young, he actually lived with his parents in that house but soon they moved away, so he doesn’t remember a single things about the grandfather or the house. That is something that needs to seen and explored so after 25 years Tyler decides to come back to his birth place and visit his grandfather’s house, but also to check out the whole place. He plans to learn something more about his grandfather by exploring the house and seeing the objects that belonged to him since objects can tell a lot about a person’s live including his habits.

In this mystery hidden object game you will help Tyler explore the house, searching through 4 interesting levels with 10 hidden objects each. Enjoy your stay in the house of secrets!

The House of Secrets is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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