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The HomecomingThe Homecoming. There comes a time in life when we need to make a recapitulation of what we have done in the recent years, in our lives, with our children, family, friends… After the lifetime experience, one needs to ask himself if he has done everything right, what could he change or make better. We usually do that when it comes to the retirement, when we have more time to think and to dedicate to ourselves. Then, a lot of things come out from the dark, we think of our youth, of our loves, of our close people, of what we have done or missed.

The Homecoming. Such example is Mr. Ernest William from Edmonton, the capital of Canada’s Alberta province. After long years work as officer in the county in the capital, he is getting retired. He decides his retirement days to spend in his birth town Bowden. Mr.William today arrives in his birth house, he hasn’t visit for eight years since his father died. When a house is abandoned and no one lives, refurbishment is more than needed. He decides to dedicate this year in improving his old house and start new stage of renovate and to start new stage of his life. He needs the help of our player to clean the mess in the house and to find some personal staffs that are very important for him. You need to go in his room he had as a child, there you will find his old wooden box he got from his grandfather. There you will find his diary he wrote when he was student, some love letters from his girlfriend, photographs with friends…