The Hiding Place Game

The Hiding Place The Hiding Place. Jeremy is a great adventurist. He always searches for something new, visiting numerous exotic places all around the world. He hears about some interesting place and he visits that place as soon as he can, discovering its uniqueness and its features. This time he has accidentally entered into a forbidden zone that appeared to be the self-proclaimed Kingdom of Mireania. Mireania on the other hand is a tribe that is really warlike. They are not bad or aggressive people but they have been often exposed to different attacks so they are prepared to do everything in order to defend their territory.

The reason why the territory of Mireanea is so often under attack. Lays is the fact that on their territory could be found one of the rarest and most expensive diamonds in the world. And the traders seem that don’t care about the people who live there and their culture. Prepared to do everything just to get to the treasure. That’s why the people that live in the Kingdom of Mireania are always keeping their guard, being skeptic about everyone that comes on their territory.

Since Jeremy is already there, he has to do something in order to protect himself. Looking for a shelter where he could be safe, Jeremy finds an old and abandoned house that can be used for protection but that might not be enough. The next step is finding certain items that could help him escape from the warlike Mireaneans and for that he will definitely need your help.

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