The Hidden Park

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Game Details

The Hidden ParkThe Hidden Park. Today’s game is dedicated especially to the ones that enjoy mysteries and like to visit secret places. There are many beautiful things that surround us but maybe if we go deeper, there could be even more beauty, hidden behind the obvious…

Everyone knows about the central city park that is everyday visited by numerous people. They go walking there, sit on the bench enjoying and watching the nature around, maybe read a book or play some game, some of them run, there are also many kids running around… just like in every other park, but this park has something that makes it unique.

In the depth of this park, there is another smaller part that is successfully hidden from the regular visitors of the park. This small park is called the hidden park and you could get there only if someone that has already been there before, is taking you. So now we are taking you in this part and we are discovering you the beauties seen only by few people. Enjoy your stay there and explore the amazing nature that can be seen in this place, discovering what is ‘beneath the surface’.