The Hidden Cave

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Game Details

The Hidden CaveThe Hidden Cave. People have different dedications in life, different passions that lead them through life. And while some people like to stay in their comfort zone, always doing something safe and secure, other people are fascinated by the uncertainty and they like living from day to day, catching every chance for adventure that comes to them. Jack is definitely one of those from the second group. He is definitely an adventurer and his passion is hidden treasures. He is assured that one day he will find out a hidden treasure somewhere and that will change his life on the whole. This believing is the thing that is leading Jack to those adventures and giving him the needed courage for going forward.

This time Jack has heard about some hidden treasure that could possibly be found in one small village in England. Jack comes to that village disguised as a regular tourist but his aim is to discover the secret entrance that hides the most precious mineral in the world – Thallium. This mineral is very rare and his price on the market reaches about 10 million dollars for kilo. Jack’s plan is to find the entrance of the cave, enter there and get a certain amount of the mineral that will make him rich overnight. We are not sure what could come out from this story but we have to admit that some people are believers and that belief could be paid once…. Maybe our help is that link that will make Jack rich man…