The Herb Garden Game

The Herb Garden The Herb Garden. The medicine has developed so much that there are solutions for various different health problems, for many conditions that weren’t curable for a long time and thanks to the medicine, the duration of our lives is much longer – that is definitely something we should be thankful of. On the other hand, there are many people who are not that sure when it comes about the contemporary pharmacy. There are many conspiracy theories that say that some of the sicknesses are actually artificially triggered so that the pharmacy could earn a lot of money producing cures for them. Other people are concerned that taking too much synthetic drugs could be more harmful them helpful so they choose to go for some more natural variant when it comes to healing or preventing from some condition…

Mrs. Lorens has decided few years ago that she will plant one part of her garden with healing herbs. She wasn’t always into this kind of stuff but now she has decided to dedicate her life to alternative medicine and making healing potions from her herbs. After a certain period of doing this, Mrs. Lorens became wide known for her job so many people started coming there, looking for a solution for their problems. Since she is so dedicated, her job started to be very successful.

By order of one of her friends Mrs. Lorens will make her most famous potion today, a potion that gives vitality and a lot of energy. At the moment she is in the garden, looking for the herbs needed for the potion.

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