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The Greatest Invention

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The Greatest InventionThe Greatest Invention. We are aware that our everyday life has introduced us with numerous inventions in every field. The thing is that scientists work all the time and as the technology develops, the chance for discovering huge things that seemed incredible some years ago, become bigger and bigger. We have the technology, we have the brains, so it seems like we could discover and make everything possible.

One of the things that has always been present in the fiction, but we are still not sure if it is possible in real life, is the teleportation. By teleportation we mean the theoretical transfer of objects or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them which supposedly makes possible to move from one place to another very fast.

Charles Reed is a scientist that during his career has worked on many well known and important projects but as he says, his most important invention hasn’t been presented to the public yet. It is about a teleportation device, or let’s say, some kind of a ship that allows us to travel through time and space. According to Charles’s words, we have been chosen by the science magazine lottery to be the first witness of his greatest project so we will take a tour through his lab and see that incredible place that develops so significant inventions but also we will take a closer look inside the teleportation chamber, something that no one before us hasn’t done. Let’s start this incredible tour and see what makes teleportation possible.