The Great Wizard Game

The Great Wizard The Great Wizard. When it comes about the biggest professionals in every field, on one side there are some that spread their knowledge all around and they tell everyone what they know. On the other side are the ones that decide to keep their knowledge for themselves, appreciating their own time spend on learning and discovering things so they believe that they shouldn’t give their ‘treasure’ to others just like that.

Marilyn is a young magician that definitely has superpowers. She is fascinated by the works of the famous Scottish magician that was knows as the \”The Great Wizard.\” The Great Wizard actually had the biggest power in the world and all of his knowledge and skills have been well hidden in a book that has been hidden that good that no one didn’t manage to find it until now.

Since Marilyn is really into magic and she sees herself a huge magician, she hopes that she will be the one that will find the book of the great magician. This won’t be an easy job at all and it would ask for a lot of work but this girl is prepared to do her best and find all those secrets that have been kept as a huge mystery until now.

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