The Great Treasure Hunt Game

The-Great-Treasure-Hunt The Great Treasure Hunt. Maybe we have heard and seen treasure hunters in the movies and it seems that they belong to some past time, like the time of Indiana Jones, but it is not exactly like that. Maybe we don’t have this type of people around us but they really exist. For example the action of this game is taking place in present time and you will meet a group of real contemporary treasure hunters. Those people do treasure hunting as their profession since they are seriously dedicated to looking for old maps and hidden treasures all around the world.

This time their adventurous spirit is leading them to Spain. It goes like that almost every time – some secret source calls them, telling them that there is a huge amount of gold and precious diamonds hidden in one abandoned castle located in the south of Spain. Once they heard this information and provided a little check out of the circumstances, this group of treasure hunters decided to leave right away and start their great treasure hunt.

As always they are hoping that this quest will be successful and that they will come back with a real treasure since sometimes it happens the treasure to be that well hidden, so no one could find it or its existence is just a rumor. Let’s take part in this great treasure hunt and see how the days of the treasure hunters look like.

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