The Great Quest Game

The Great Quest The Great Quest Game: Well, we can’t do anything against the curiosity and the adventurous spirit of some of us. Some people like having calm life while others aim for something completely different – new adventure every day, new dose of adrenaline in every second. Those people usually choose more exciting professions. Spend their days traveling a lot, always visiting different places and doing different things. Adam is exactly one of those people who aim for adventure all the time. He is a person that likes to know everything, to see everything, always looking for new adventures. This time he goes to the village of his grandfather in order to learn something more about the legend of the treasure hidden by the crusaders, the military campaigns sanctioned by the Latin Roman Catholic Church in the time of the High Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages.

In the house where Adam’s grandfather lived. The young adventurer finds a map where is there is a notation about a place that supposedly hides a treasure. Adam is willing to search everything about this place and find out something more about it. In order to start his new mission, searching for the treasure, even though it seems that there are not strong directions about it, only insinuations but Adam takes that as an even bigger challenge.

He starts his new adventure prepared to go everywhere. And explore every corner, just to find a piece of that treasure and have another interesting adventure in his life. We are sure that this quest will be a great adventure for each one of us as well. So let’s join Adam and reveal the secrets of the crusaders together.

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