The Golden Watch Game

The Golden Watch The Golden Watch. Seems that we are all accustomed to the fact that the time could not be controlled. People want to control many things, change the nature, modify the environment, visit the space and make stations there, even control the weather but there is no information that someone could control the time or has tried to do that… On other hand there are numerous stories about time travel that also allows controlling the time but that is more like a personal thing, not something global… And that is what we knew before this game since this game is about the golden watch that controls the time.

There are certain rumors about the existence of this strange golden watch that has the power to control the time. If there is that kind of a watch, the person that has it actually has great powers. Leaded by that thought one adventurist gets into a new quest – finding the watch. Looking for this watch he gets into one place that surely looks as it comes from the fairy tales. He can’t believe that there is actually a place like that but he decides to follow his instinct and see what will happen next.

He finds an older house that seems somehow related to the famed watch so he starts searching though this house, hoping that he will find the golden watch.

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