The Garage Sale Millionaire

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Game Details

The Garage Sale MillionaireThe Garage Sale Millionaire. Maybe one of the most habitual practiced of the Americans sure it is the garage sale. It is also popular as yard sale and that is actually an informal organization in people’s yards or on the streets. Stuff that people have already used, no matter if we are talking about clothes, furniture, books, and anything else you use in everyday life from the household, you can sell and earn some money. Off course, you can’t take the money you have already paid originally, but, still. And off course, if you are a good enough seller, then you’ll have better earning.

Garage sales usually happen when weather is nice, usually in spring or summer and during the weekends. This is a good practice which can teach children to be more attentive and to save things, because they can prolong their lives and make some money out of it. And after that, they can use that money on other purposes.

In this game we are dealing with a girl named Nicole which by the media is called ‘The Garage Sale Millionaire’. She deserved that name because she is by all statistics the richest woman in the country, and she has gained the welfare by organizing and participating in garage sales. She analyses very attentively the basements and yards full of old objects wanting to find out valuable objects which later on she would successfully sell for higher price. Well, you need to have a perfectly developed sense of business so you would achieve this success. And that doesn’t have to mean that you should have who knows what kind of education, you need more the skills and to be such kind of nature. Now, get ready for this new challenge!