The Gang Of Four Game

The Gang Of Four The Gang Of Four. We hear that all the time – some gangs of criminals are operating through a certain suburb, spreading fear for the people who live there. They usually rob the houses in that place but also they use to make certain criminal deals, inviting other criminals to come to their settlement in order to finish the job, so it is very normal for the people who live there to be really concerned about everything that threaten their security. And when they are also an aim of the criminals, it is becoming even worse because no one could imagine what could possibly happen in that kind of a situation.

The suburb named Astwen wasn’t always that dangerous place for living. It was actually a very nice place but in near time appeared a group of criminals that started to rob the houses there very often. The inhabitants of the place are desperate to finish living with that terror so they called detective Marlin, believing that she, with her great experience, could possibly find out the identity of the criminals, arrest them and put them in jail, bringing back the safety in the suburb.

Marlin is making a plan of her actions and the first thing she plans to do is to find out the place where the gang meets in order to plan the robberies. She believes that this way she will be able to find out their future plans and predict their next steps, so arresting them won’t be that difficult.

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