The Frozen Mountain

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The Frozen MountainThe Frozen Mountain. Sharon is a very interesting girl. Together with her friends, she left her home to go for a weekend on the mountain. They are a company of ski lovers, they call themselves ski maniac. The mountain is their best friend. A day ago a lovely white snow blanket has laid on the mountain, making the place the ideal for an unforgettable weekend. Everyone who loves skiing or winter sports, would enjoy this beauty. And, for those who don’t care for much putting effort in the exhausting sports, they can simply enjoy the warm tea at the fireplace, or lunch outside on the high sun.

But, their plans were interrupted when their ski lift gets broken. They stayed stuck on the half of their route. Sharon together with her company decide to descent from the ski lift and to look for a shelter, a place where they would spend the night. They are thinking how they would find the way to fix the ski lift and continue their journey.

The nature has its’ rules and Sharon and her team must follow them. They need to find some flat where they could sleep over because on the mountain, the temperatures get very low and it might be a health problem and even worse, loosing life. But, fortunately Sharon’s friends are well equipped and not scared of anything.

They prepare to face the truth and find the way to go back on the slopes. But, first it is important to find the trace to get back to their apartment. From up there, they would return back the next day on the snowy slopes. The company is mixed, with men and women, and no one is afraid that something very bad would happen. They are ready to risk and to find their way. It is time for some risky adventure. You, our player, do your best to help Sharon and her friends.

The Frozen Mountain is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.