The Friendly Town Game

The Friendly Town The Friendly Town. Sally is in a serious relationship. She has been with this boyfriend for a while and it seems that they are perfect for each other. They have shared many moments between them, many stories from their past and everything that happens between them is very nice – they suit as a couple very well.

Sally knows many facts about her boyfriend just that she also like to visit his birthplace – the place where he lived before he moved to the capital city. This is not a problem for him, so he takes her there right away, organizing a nice trip. When Sally came to her boyfriend’s hometown, she felt like she was already there. First of all she was so amazed by the beauties of the town. Even though it was a quite small town, everything was amazing. The second thing that surprised her so much was the hospitality of the people that live there. They were all so generous, that she thought like she already knows them. They accepted her so well that she really enjoyed her stay.

At the moment Sally is visiting the place where her boyfriend lived, the place where he grew up, the place where he worked and she feels that she gets him even better but also she is collecting numerous wonderful experiences for her.

The Friendly Town is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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