The Friendly Farm

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The Friendly FarmThe Friendly Farm. If you love the nature and spending more time outside than sitting at home, on the comfortable armchairs and TV seats, than you would enjoy the game we are offering you for today. It is spring and the weather is calling us outside, to exit the boring winter that enclosed us at home.

Wilma is a young farmer and she has spent her whole life on a farm. She named it ‘The Friendly Farm’. You would ask yourself where does that name come from? The thing is, Wilma respects the animals. She doesn’t abuse them for their meet or fur, only the milk, and makes products out of it. She only takes what is necessary, she doesn’t want to harm them. Her farm is opened for visitors for everyone who loves animals and respects them, off course. Our player is visiting Wilma’s farm. It is time to learn the everyday obligations.

You, our player are visiting one very caring person. Wilma grew up on a farm. Her parents were great admirers and friends with some hundred different animals that were raised in the same farm Wilma is working on now. She inherited the love for the animals from her parents.

Her siblings lived here until five years ago, but decided to leave the place and to choose modern life in the first city next to the farm. Wilma learned everything she knows from her parents. They gave her home education, as well and Wilma has turned into very clever and generous young girl. She is so empathetic with her animals, so she feels like sick when some animal is not feeling good. She cries with them and when some of the animals dies due to its age, she is devastated, as if her relative is gone. That is love, isn’t it? So, be kind and give Wilma a hand with her farm!

The Friendly Farm is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.