The Fortress City Game

The Fortress City The Fortress City. In the past the battles for territory were something that happened very often. People aimed to conquer as much territory as they could in that time. Developing all kinds of weapons and techniques that could make their aims easier.

The fortresses were most often built during the middle ages and they are typical for England but from the 12th century hundreds of settlements of all sizes were founded all across Europe, and there are fortifications that date from before. Those fortified places actually were built to protect a place against enemy attacks and since these buildings are very high and well built, it was very hard to enter into a fortified city but however, people were inventing all techniques all the time, so they managed to enter the fortresses any way.

The following game includes a story about one fortress city of this kind. The main character is a historian that this time is on mission to find out the truth about this city that is located very high in the mountains. The city was built on that place on purpose, so that no one could reach it and attack it, and of course to conquer it. These days people make excavations around that place so they could find out the truth about it, who lived in that place and how it happened, what ended the life there so sudden?

The Fortress City is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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