The Forgotten Soul Game

The Forgotten Soul The Forgotten Soul. Numerous stories about afterlife, numerous explanations about what’s happening with the soul when people die, when people sleep, when people are in coma… Some of them are scientific explanations, some are religious but all of them insinuate that there is something, but what is that something still is not known, or at least is not spread around. One of those stories says that when a person dies, if he or she hasn’t fulfill all of his or her aspirations or has some unfinished job, some untold words to someone, the soul stays here between us until that issue is completed. That is usually the explanation when some paranormal things happen and those sights are usually called ghosts.

Well something similar to this is the topic of our today’s game. People say that every night at midnight there is a showing up in their place. According to them, this silhouette walks around an abandoned old house up on the hill. The legends about this silhouette are numerous and their explanation about it is that it is about a long forgotten soul stuck between two worlds. This soul wanted to step into the other world, but something stopped it so now it is wandering around, looking for some peace.

This story is quite intriguing so let’s look inside this house and check out if these rumors are true. It seems that it’s rather could in this place… there is really some strange in that house… but let’s explore better and see what’s going on.

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