The Forgotten Rooms

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The Forgotten RoomsThe Forgotten Rooms. Castles are perhaps one of the most interesting buildings that ever existed. Those fortified structures were usually homes of lords and nobles, built in Europe and the Middle East during the middle Ages. And the fact that they are fortified actually made them different from the palaces that look similar at first sight. The buildings seem flawless but at the beginning castles were built from earth and stone but had their defenses replaced later by stone. They used the natural defenses as well at the beginning, lacked features like towers and arrow – slits and relied on a central keep. But after some time the mixture of castle technology has become highly developed and the castles become a perfect place for protection.

In the following game it is about one very big and amazing castle. The wonderful building attracts a lot of attention for its exterior appearance but also for its interior. There are numerous rooms in this castle but seems that few of those rooms have been forgotten and stayed locked for many years. After a while those rooms are opened and there are some artifacts there, like old books, musical compositions, old instruments and so on. Check out those interesting objects and see what is hiding in the rooms.

The Forgotten Rooms is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.