The Forgotten Family Album Game

The Forgotten Family Album The Forgotten Family Album. Young Kevin, together with his love Ana, has just arrived in Bothentry. They wanted to go somewhere and spend some time together so they have chosen this place that is actually a small city in the east part of the country. Bothentry is the place where Kevin’s grandmother was born and he has visited this place many times when he was younger and had many nice memories there so he wanted to share this experience with Ana too, and to develop shared memories with her, because he is considering that she is his great love. They will be accommodated in Kevin’s grandmother’s house, so they believe it will be a great fun.

Once they are here, Kevin and Ana plan to leave the suitcases in the house and start walking around the place and to learn about the customs and the places that are significant for this place. However, by accident, while Kevin was moving the suitcases to make more space in the room, he found the old family album that belonged to his grandmother. It is about an very old album that witnesses about the distant past and many interesting happenings that Kevin is not familiar with because it happened many, many years before he was born.

Let’s check out this album together and see what is hiding there.

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