The First Settlers Game

The First Settlers The First Settlers. Meet Marlene. She is a very nice girl, really in love with the nature but also a great humanitarian. During the last years Marlene stays in contact with the inhabitants of one small district located deep into the woods. Those people are actually the first settlers of these spaces, real indigenous people, but she feels that something is wrong, that there is a certain threat that will endanger the lives of these people… This is not a strange situation; it’s something that we face very, very often. Big industrial corporations are interested about the place where those people live.

They think that it would be very efficient and very profitable for them to build a huge industrial zone exactly on the location of this small district, destroying the wonderful and unique nature that surrounds this place.

Since Marlene is really concerned about the place and its inhabitants, she believes that he has to take a stem and do something concrete to save their homes. She organizes travel tours all through those locations in order to wake up awareness of people and urge them to oppose the big corporations to leave the first settles in their homes. Together with this, Marlene also collects money for the settlers. Actually everything that she earns from the touristic tours will be used for improving the living conditions of the settlers because it seems that they are the only people that truly care about the nature and saving this wonderful district in the woods.

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