The Farm Visitor Game

The Farm Visitor The Farm Visitor. Healthy food today is almost an abstract expression. We are all thrown into the global mass production and quality is something we can only dream of. If you live in a big city, you will probably forget the smell of a real tomato or watermelon or strawberry. One can buy everything at every moment, but the taste would be far from when we were kids. The organic food awareness grows from day to day and more and more people are willing to grow its own food, unlike buy from big markets.

The Farm Visitor. Our today hero is just the same. We talk about David Stewards from the state of Nebraska. He is a gentleman who spends his entire life in the big city of Lincoln. One day he decided to pay a visit to Clarkson family that lives in Blue Springs. They are farmers for whole their lives. Few generations before today’s family have already lived as farmers. David wanted to visit of the farm, to get to know the farmer’s life better. He is fed up with the urban living and wants to change his lifestyle. Clarksons have been his friends since students days and once he had visited their farm, 20 years ago.

David has decided to buy the farm next to Clarksons. They are as well happy to have guest from the big city and that he is going to be his future neighbor, so decide to show him the farm and to bring him into the farmers play. They will teach him the secrets of the good farming – how to harvest the corn, how to water the plants and to collect them. It is a whole philosophy of living that he is going to learn, that will help him enter easily his new life.

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