The Fairy Magic Game

The Fairy Magic The Fairy Magic. You have probably heard of fairy dust, haven’t you?! At least you have heard about Tinker bell and her fairy dust. If not, let us tell you what it is about. It is actually a magical glittery powder that would give the power of flight to whoever it was sprinkled on. Or even further, it’s not just about flying, it is any apparently magical ingredient or effect, so you know now that we are talking about something that is far from us, of course is one of us isn’t a fairy.

However, in our story we are not talking about Tinker Bell but about Iris, the fairy. This sweet fairy has a rather big problem, actually that is the biggest problem a fairy could have. Someone has entered into her home uninvited and without telling her, he has stolen all the ingredients that she needs for making the famous fairy dust. Without this magical dust Iris could not do her magic which means that she is really helpless without her powers.

Iris has to deal with this unpleasant situation right away so she calls her friends Misty and Eli to help her in the search of the needed ingredients. Only with the use of this ingredients Iris could make her famous fairy dust and bring back her own powers. Let’s help the little fairies do their job and find that special ingredient.

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