The Exotic Greenhouse Game

The Exotic Greenhouse The Exotic Greenhouse. Welcome to one of the best and most popular greenhouses in the world! There are many places like this all around the world but the things that make this green house special are the rarest and most exotic herbs in the world that are grown here. It is amazing what could be seen there because we are all accustomed to certain known plants that we see every day so when we see something like this, we can’t feel anything else than excitement and surprise, triggered by the incredibly ‘skilled’ nature.

Angelina is manager in this greenhouse. The likes her job so much and she is very dedicated person, which results with numerous people visiting the greenhouse every day. Today is a weekend and many people are in front of the main entrance, waiting for the greenhouse to be open, but Angelina even if she is a well organized person, now has a big problem – she has lost the key of one of the halls of the greenhouse. Angelina desperately needs help to find the key while the visitors are still out there, so she would need your help as well because it is an emergency case.

Let’s act together and help Angelina finish her job successfully because she is a really good person and this is a complicated situation, so let’s save things and don’t let them go out of control.

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