The Eternal Rose Game

The Eternal Rose The Eternal Rose. There are good things but also there are bad things in life, that’s just the way it goes. Today we feel like kings of the universe, maybe yesterday we were sad, but no one knows what tomorrow will bring – that’s our story!

Madeline is a mother of one. She has a lovely daughter that suddenly got sick of some strange disease. No one could tell them what is it about, and all the doctors felt helpless about her condition. Time will tell, was their answer but this answer wasn’t enough for the loving mom who decided to do everything she can by her own. Madeline searched for a solution everywhere, she asked everyone and there was one strange answer – the eternal rose. The story says that in one small city at south of the country, there is that kind of a rose. As the myth says, this rose could be used for making a drink that could cure every possible disease. No matter if that place was quite far away, Madeline decided that she must get there and must find that eternal rose because she couldn’t see any other solution for her daughter’s problem. Maybe it sounds little bit strange and unreal but she has to give it a try, no matter what.

The follows Madeline adventure looking for the rose and meeting different things on her way. Make sure that you find all the hidden objects and take Madeline to that rose.

The Eternal Rose is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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