The Enchanting Flower Game

The Enchanting Flower The Enchanting Flower. You may say flower like flower, what could be strange about it?! In that case you are not familiar with this special flower that has enchanting power. Yes, you heard well – enchanting power, just that it stopped using it the last few years so people forgot about it. However, these days something strange has happen in the village where this flowers stands covered with a crystal bowl. Actually the flower is near that village but it seems that its power had a terrible influence on the people that live there. The people that live in the village have turned into dwarfs over the night and that is not a nice thing to see or feel.

Grace believes that the reason for this strange happening lies in the enchanting flower of the flower, she assumes that it has started its magic once again this period. Wanting to find out the right reason why this has happen, Grace bravely goes to meet the enchanted citizens of the village. She likes to meet those people and talk with them. Maybe this conversation could give her directions about the possible reasons why this has happen? Did they have some contact with the flower or it’s something completely different?

Grace likes to find out someone who could break the magic so he could bring those people back to their previous form, when they were normal people. Some may say that this is a mission impossible but Grace believes in herself and somehow she knows that she will manage to deal with this strange flower. Let’s help her in her mission.

The Enchanting Flower is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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