The Enchanted City Game

The Enchanted City The Enchanted City. Well we don’t know much about Marie Lauveau except that she was a charmed that lived during the last century in New Orleans. We know that she was amazing in her job but we don’t know if she was good or bad, if she was more about black or white magic.

It is sometimes good when the heirs like to continue doing the job their ancestors did but we can’t say that it is like that in this case since this niece has some strange ideals and targets in life. This girl likes to become a charmed as well but it seems that she has some black thoughts on her mind. Now she sets enchanted objects all around the whole city, with aim everyone who lives there to fall asleep. That’s how she could collect all the energy from the people who live in New Orleans and to become immortal that way. We don’t know what her grandmother would say but this is a quite terrible thing to do so it would be better if we do something before it is too late and before things go too far. Best thing to do would be walking all around the city and finding those enchanted objects.

We surely believe that that way this cruel girl will be stopped from realizing her plan and destroying whole city, just for her own interest. The inhabitants of the city will be really helpful if we manage to do that and bring them their old lives.

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