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The Elven TreasureThe Elven Treasure. Maybe one of the most interesting mythological creatures in all the world mythology are nevertheless, the elves. Their look, appearance, their magical capabilities and meanings are always inspiring. They are put in a lot of stories and children usually love them. Elves can be found in different mythologies with different names. Remember ‘Snow White and the seven dwarfs’ which is originated as German story, or maybe the small hobbits in Lord of the rings popular trilogy. One thing is for sure, they are believed to be supernatural beings in the Germanic folklore and mythology. In the Germanic-speaking cultures, it is thought that elves were some group of creatures with magical powers and supernatural beauty, but with diverse functions – on one hand they help people, on the other, they can even be non-friendly and harmful.

Maybe one of the most popular elves in the modern culture are the Christmas elves which come in the 19-th Century as a new tradition in the United States. Off course, each one of you that is more interesting in this issue, you can read a mythological literature which will discover much more.

The Elven Treasure. In our new game for today, we are bringing you back in the childhood, when we actually believed in such creatures. Amara and Voron are elves in the Land of the Elves called Selanon. When they were little they were raised with the legend of the big fortune of the elves which is situated exactly in their country. The legend says that only in the days of the childhood you can discover the right location of the treasure. Amara and Voron gather the children from their village and start the pursuit of the treasure. They tell them what do they need to discover before they get to the right place of the hidden treasure. So get ready for and adventure!