The Edge of the World Game

The Edge of the World The Edge of the World Game: Admit it – there are superpowers you wish you had. There’s just something fascinating about superheroes that captures the imaginations of young and old alike. It’s fun to envision how different life would be if we developed superpowers of our own. Our player today meets Valber – half man, half-robot. He also dreams of becoming a superhero. Valber is already superior when compared to others besides being half robot. He has one mechanical eye which helps him see things that other ordinary people can not. But, he wants to own super powers with a help of a magic poison which can be found at the place called The Edge Of The World. And so, his quest begins.

Together with two of his helpers arrive at The Edge of the World in search of the last bottle full of magic fluid that gives super powers to the one that owns it. It is a magnificent sight. If you wish to admire the view, when it seems that the entire world lies under your feet, look no further. Standing there will make your blood rush in veins and provide some unique experience! The magic bottle lies somewhere in this landscape. Valber wants this bottle and the search can start.

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