The Dukes Messenger Game

The Dukes Messenger The Dukes Messenger. Kings and rulers in general are on the top of the states or the kingdoms, and somehow they have managed to get their title – based on merit or inherited, that’s how it goes. But besides getting the title, very important point is to keep the title and govern skillfully – fair and strict at the same time. Some of the rulers manage to achieve that and their kingdoms live happily while others leave to be leaded by their vanity and often forget that they are responsible for the general wealth of the kingdom. That’s when revolutions appear because people are not blind and they ask for their rights all the time.

The duke of Nordsville sends his faithful messenger to the king. There is very important message that needs to be send and that needs to be done with discretion. The thing is that there is a group of rebels in the kingdom and that group has been operating for few years yet. Now the duke has a plan how to beat the rebels but he has to ask for a support from the king first.

The messengers directs himself to deliver the message when on his way he’s been captured by the rebels. The messenger likes to finish his task right but it seems that it would be little bit hard to do that since those people are quite serious in their intentions. The duke’s messenger will try to do his best and escape from the rebels because no one knows what he could expect from them so far.

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