The Dragon’s Lair

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The Dragon's LairThe Dragon’s Lair. It has been a while since we haven’t said hello to you with some spooky story that includes some mythological creatures. Today we have chosen the huge dragons that visit very often a small place and have stolen the peace to the local people. They actually live there secretly, they don’t want to mess up with people, vice versa. And the dragons are not that bad, they don’t attack people or animals, but are very fond of people’s things. And, off course, dragons have very strong nose and they don’t look for anything they can take, but actually they are looking forward to gather the whole treasure the villagers have – precious jewelry, objects, artifacts – anything that they can take. The Dragon Lair is a dangerous place and only the most courageous people can be successful in their mission to save their stuff.

And, heroes are always needed. In this case, we are introducing you Karen and Kevin are the main leaders of the expedition that might be one of the most dangerous so far. They have arrived on the Farlow Island, where the biggest commune of dragons lives. Karen and Kevin want to arrive on the secret domicile of the dragons, but one thing is very important – the dragons must not notice them. The dragons come along very often in the village where people live and they steal their precious objects.

The expedition has task to find valuableness as much as possible and to return the important stuff to the local people. They really have an important mission. You can help them become heroes of the important place. The mission isn’t easy at all, but think of the sad people that are longing for their goods and want them back. Some of them have them in generations. Be courageous and fight this dragon’s lair.

The Dragon’s Lair is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.