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The Cursed Town

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The Cursed TownThe Cursed Town. The stories of old cities full of evil spirits are no strange to any one of us. We all have heard of cursed towns, casting spells on people and cities, evil forces coming upon places… But this is a true one. Lori arrives in her hometown after a long time. The town as she remembers it was full of life, joyful and for her it was the happiest place on earth, actually the source of her happiest memories. Now, it looks like somebody sucked the life out of it. The traces of years of decay can be easily noticed. What was once a colorful array of buildings is now just a gray structure of nothing.

The Cursed Town. The last time Lori has seen the town was when her family was abruptly dislocated from there. That was a huge trauma for her. Her last memory was seeing her house from the back seat of a van slowly disappearing into the distance. Since that moment, nothing was the same for Lori and her family. What she did’t know was that behind what she thought was a carefree life, a dark evil force was lurking over the family. Not only her family, but over the home town. She was too young to understand why or what was it but everybody knew and luckily made a choice to leave on time.

Since that time, her parents live in fear of the terror, always with a look behind their backs wandering if they truly ever escaped the evil curse. Once she came of age, her parents told her the real truth, that she was special. They also told her that she has a power, but has to find a will to free the town from evil. Furthermore, what her parents told her that there are still souls of children trapped inside the town. She spent hours and hours studying the occult. Once she was convinced she learned enough she decided to return to her hometown and fight the evil spirits. She is convinced that she can expell them from her hometown. Lori is ready now!