The Cursed Ranch Game

The Cursed Ranch The Cursed Ranch. We may consider cowboys as very brave persons and yes, that is true, we can’t deny. But however, there are still certain situations that could make them feel scared too. There are enemies that are bigger than them but also there are certain things that could really frighten them and now we are not talking about people but about paranormal activities and the consequences related to this kind of activities.

Meet Bobby who is a cowboy that looking for his friends has just arrived in one abandoned ranch. OK, there is nothing scary about an abandoned ranch, there are numerous places like this but it seems that in this case there is something more… Walking around very soon Bobby realizes that this ranch has been cursed so now Bobby is in a very difficult situation. The horse has run away from the ranch because he was very scared. Bobby has to find a way how to escape from the place but he would need your help to find the real objects that will help him escape from here. Look carefully for the details and we are sure that you will find everything needed for dealing this situation and leaving this scary place as soon as possible.

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