The Cursed Piano Game

The Cursed Piano The Cursed Piano. Something strange is happening in that house these days, something really strange and really creepy… Everything was OK before, but the strange happenings coincide with the death of the grandfather of the owners of the house… They can’t fall asleep at night for the last few weeks because they hear noise, music played on piano. No one in the house know how to play piano so they can’t figure out what is happening there but also this noise becomes even louder every night and disturbs them even more.

On the other hand, when they get to the room with the music and they enter there, the music stops right away, so they don’t have a clue who might be playing that music. No matter how odd it sounds, the owners of the house suspect that perhaps their late grandfather’s ghost makes those sounds. He was completely in love in classical music and when he was alive, he was enjoying playing every night on the piano, but it has been a while since he passed away…

However, this night the owners of the house have decided to get into the room without being noticed and try to convince the grandfather’s ghost to stop disturbing them, if he is really the ‘intruder’. They love him still, but they have to continue their life and their everyday activities, so they initially need a good sleep for that.

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