The Cursed Flower Game

The Cursed Flower The Cursed Flower. Sometimes the most beautiful things could be really harmful, that’s something we all know, like sweet temptations and some challenges but also some things that may look completely ‘harmless’ like colorful flowers and so. And actually those are the most dangerous things in life because when you know that something is dangerous and it surely looks like that, than you can be cautious and be careful not to treat yourself with it but when you stand before something that admires you with its appearance or some other quality, that it is quite hard to guess that it could be possibly harmful.

Just like the case with those amazing flowers in this game. They surely look wonderful and smell incredibly and that’s what attracted Thomas’s daughter to pick them up in the near meadow. This flower seemed harmless like every other flower, not to mention its amazing smell but once this girl came near to it, started collecting it and taking its wonderful fragrance, she fainted right away! Now she is in a real coma for few days and no one could help her get out of the coma. This cursed flower seems to be more powerful than any medicine and knowledge of any doctor so her father is feeling completely helpless because he can’t do anything.

After few days he has finally heard that somewhere there could be a cure so he started to search all around the place and something beyond in order to find that cure. He is prepared to pass the world if it is needed and find something that will help this girl be on her feet again.

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