The Curse of the House Game

The Curse of the House The Curse of the House. I live on a street with many beautiful houses. There are many neighbors that take care of their yards planting some nice trees, grass and flowers; many of them have swimming pools… but there is one house that attracts most attention and not because on a good things. The Johnson’s house is one of the most famous houses on this street even though no one has lived there for about 50 years, and no one likes to buy it as well so probably it will stay empty for a longer time…

There has been a terrible tragedy in this house that happened under suspicious circumstances and it has never been explained. The family that lived there, the Johnsons, has suddenly died! Yes, exactly like that, all the members of the family were dead one day and no one could explain what has happen, for so many years. After the sudden death of the family, this house got the epithet of a cursed house and it is somehow logical because there weren’t any other explanations for the things that happened there, like it was really about some curse.

After so many years, today the Johnson’s house is open for the public for the first time ever since the tragedy. People are little bit scared to go there but I am very curious about what happened there, so I have to go and review the house from the inside. I truly believe that the curse could possibly pass on me.

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