The Curse of Osiris Game

The Curse of Osiris The Curse of Osiris. We all live in the present but knowing our past, knowing our history, including the history of the world, makes it easier to understand not just the present but the future as well. There are certain patterns that often repeat but also many of the things that happen today are actually consequences of something that has happen in the past and knowing the reasons makes life easier in most cases.

Chris is completely in love with ancient Egypt. He is fascinated so much by its culture, its history and everything related to this period of the human history. That was the main reason why he has chosen to study archaeology and working his bachelor thesis on a theme that refers to the kings of Egypt. Chris is particularly fascinated by the period of ruling of Osiris. He has explored so much about this king and his sad story. Osiris was actually killed by his brother Set who always wanted to take his place and win the throne. Set has managed to win the desired throne but he never managed to become a successful king. The stories say that he was actually cursed by his brother and that curse transferred to every king that ruled with Egypt. All of them suffered terrible accidents and tragedies… Perhaps it is Osiris’s curse or something else…

Our ambitious student believes that he has found out how to end up this curse for sure. Let’s see his theory and see if he is really on the right track of revealing a huge mystery.

The Curse of Osiris is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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