The Curious Gnome Game

The Curious Gnome The Curious Gnome. You definitely know those small elves that stand in front of the houses and could be found in millions of gardens around the Western world. Usually those elves are used for decoration and they make the garden look like a very happy place.

Actually, gnome is the term used for those legendary dwarfish creatures that are supposed to guard the earth’s treasures underground. This name refers to the elf but it has many symbolic meanings. Garden gnomes are considered very good luck. Besides being guardians of the ground, they were considered to be spirits of the earth but also a symbol of fertility. They are thought to protect your garden and your home at night when you are asleep. Interesting information is that it is believed that gnomes have extra knowledge of stones, precious gems and minerals. According to the folklore, gnomes could make beautiful silverwork while the crafts made by the gnomes were often magical.

So this story about one curious gnome is a real magical story. Meet the cute Albert who is a gnome. He is positioned in front of a house and he is its guardian. This gnome is very curious person and when the owners of the house aren’t here, he goes around the house and explores it. The gnome is really willing to learn more about the people and their lives and that’s why he enjoys those moments alone very much, exploring every corner and taking note of every small detail.

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