The Curiosity Shop

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The Curiosity ShopThe Curiosity Shop. People spend their time doing various activities, depending on their closest interests. It goes same for the people that like to give their money on humanitarian things like donating. Some of them like to take part in auctions, some donate money on bank accounts, call certain telephone numbers for donations, and things like while I have my own way too.

My name is Mrs. Norwich and I’ve been fond of doing humanitarian since I know for myself. I do everything I can just to help people while the last few years, every year I organize a small sale in the backyard of my house. At first it was a smaller manifestation with only few friends taking part in it but as the time passed, more and more people learned about it and wanted to take part in it. After a while the manifestation got its name – Curiosity shop, and it is something that really marks the place where I live.

Actually I sell all kinds of unnecessary objects in my Curiosity shop. The money that I got from the sell objects are donated in humanitarian aims and as I’ve mentioned before, the number of visitors increases every year which means that we are donating more and more money for our purpose. I am really glad that things turned this way because helping others is something that really warms my heart and makes me incredibly happy. And the fact that this gesture will make someone else even happier, is another aspect that makes me a proud person, willing to continue this aim as long as I can.